The Next generation

Conservation Trust Namibia

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To the business community in Namibia, here is your chance to make that difference, to leave a legacy for our children: This Trust was established as a mechanism for every member of the Namibian society to get involved and contribute to the protection of our animals. The larger version of the UAVs - with the day and night ability - cost upwards of N$350,000 per unit. The Trust needs your assistance to buy these units and deploy them where the last of our rhinos roam.

Companies willing to sponsor their own UAVs or, alternatively, donate towards the cost of them, will receive significant exposure in local media, online media, and where ever we find an excuse to mention you by name.

Individuals can make contributions as well, anonymous or credited - from as little as $100 to as much as you can spare.

The initial aim of the Trust is to raise N$5,000,000. This will allow the Trust to deploy 14 UAV systems, which can patrol a combined area of 280,000 square kilometers day and night. Not only does this cover a very significant area, but boots on the ground will experience a target directed, increased efficiency and permanent jobs will be created for no less than 70 individuals, who will operate these units. The secondary benefit to rural Namibians, at this point, remains unmeasurable, but we are optimistic.

Corporate and individual sponsors are invited to make contact with either Henri Slabbert or any of the other trustees, or make use of our online fundraising platform recently established.

Let us all stand together. We can stop this. Please support The Next Generation Conservation Trust.