The Next generation

Conservation Trust Namibia

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Goals of the Trust

In brief, the primary goals of the trust are:

  1. To raise an initial N$ 5,000,000 to fund the procurement of the required technology.
  2. To integrate all the technology into a working solution - an effective UAV.
  3. To train flight crews for the day and night operation of the UAV's.
  4. To deploy and/or donate the UAV's in problem areas. (With 14 UAV's deployed, a combined 280,000 square kilometers can be under constant surveillance.)
  5. To effectively use these UAV's to pinpoint the exact (GPS) location of poachers and co-ordinate the dispatch of ground patrol units, ensuring successful arrests.
  6. To obtain video footage and supply this to authorities in order to ensure a higher rate of convition.
  7. To ultimately get the message heard loud, wide and clear: "Namibian rhino is a NO GO!"

Progress Report March 2016

We have been around the block since our onset. Thus far we can report:

1. We are still severly short of funds, but have achieved some successes with what we have had available.

2. The solution works! Three different flight frames for three different Namibian conditions. Some wreckes. Some repairs. But lessons learned.

3. Our support includes the best that Namibian engineering has to offer - including some world champions on the RC scene.

4. At the time of writing - we are not close to where we would like to be... but we WILL get there.

5. Been there. Sub justice. We would love to comment... but will have to wait for the justice system to do its job.

6. Been there. Done that. High Resolution!

7. Time will tell.

It has been hard work. The setbacks were disappointing. But we can do with skilled help. Come and join this labour of love.